Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. What if we took pieces of what makes a little girl so sweet and let the little boys own it. After all, there is always a little bit of naughty in everything that is nice…Rubes and Beasty – Michelle Wise

Meet the Designers

Co-Owners Michelle Wise and Sherry Hiatt thought of Rubes and Beasty infant and toddler boys clothing in Indianapolis, Indiana after struggling to find hip little boys clothes for years. Wanting to create something that was artistic and edgy for little boys that didn’t just have bugs, reptiles, or trucks on them, the two set out to design a clothing line just for little boys. Inspired by everything that is sweet that creates all the little girls clothing, Rubes and Beasty abstracts what is normally feminine to make it masculine for infant, toddler, and grade school boys.  If you are a buyer interested in our line, please email us directly!

Latest Blog Posts

Spring and Fall - Rubes and Beasty has it all!
We have been working very hard at Rubes and Beasty, creating an amazing fall collection that will be available in retail early September 2016.  This collection introduces a
ENK Children's Club Show August 2nd - 4th!!!
Please come visit Rubes and Beasty at the Children's Club Showroom in New York! We are booth 6212 at the Javits Center.
Children's Club Show Coming Soon!
The ENK Children's Club Show in New York is less than two weeks away, and we are so excited! We will have several new patterns to show off,