About Michelle

Michelle and EastonMichelle Wise is an Indiana University Bloomington graduate with a major in Interior Design.  She has always had a passion for fashion and modern design.  After ten years focusing on her interior design career, Michelle left her position as Associate Principal at Axis Architecture + Interiors to pursue her dream starting a little boys clothing line.

The decision to focus on little boys ages 0-6T was years in the making.  After having her son in 2010, Michelle realized there was not much out there for little boys unless they were dressed in shirts with trucks, dinosaurs, bugs, plaid, or t-shirts with silly words on them.  There were tons of options for little girls – layered prints, unique colors, abstract patterns – but this concept did not exist in a little boy’s fashion world.  Michelle decided to pull inspiration from animals and objects associated with little girls to create a dynamic and modern little boys collection.  The inspiration is literal, but the patterns that come from the inspiration is artistic and abstract, allowing one’s imagination to interpret the pattern however they choose.  Printing on both sides of the shirt allows the medium (the shirt) to be looked at in a more three dimensional way rather than just printing on the front side.

The current process is screen printing, but the goal in the next collection will be a combination of screen printing and creating unique patterns that only Rubes and Beasty will have.  Michelle’s love for modern design and art is relevant in the patterns created on these shirts.  Hoping that little boys can move forward looking as inspiring as their imaginations are for all that are around them, Michelle is excited to create these modern designs with a nod to all things girly.